Room by Room Review

Are you thinking about selling you home? Not sure where to start or how your home compares to other homes on the market? Give us a call and schedule a Room by Room Review! We will walk through your home with you, look at each room and make suggestions to help you get the $$$ you want when you go to sell your home!

All right let's talk about our room by room review. Here's the goal, when you go to sell your house you gotta prep it, so you can position yourself where you want to be. Whether that's being a fixer-upper, or whether that's getting, you know comparing with the rehabs and new construction and trying to get top dollar. There's gonna be a sweet spot for you, what we need to do is go through your house, room by room and discuss what are the things that you could do to get yourself to be in that position that you want to be.

Maybe your home's already there, maybe it's not. We can help tell you from a buyer's perspective this is what you should do. So, we're going to be looking for roadblocks. Things like water stains on the ceiling, maybe you already fixed the leaky roof but you never actually painted that stain over. And there's gonna be tips and things that we're gonna do like, hey remove the personal items. Make your doorknobs consistent. There's gonna be things that we're gonna go over to tell you till you can get maximum dollar for whatever that position that you want to be in the market.

That's our room by room review idea, and I can't wait to come and check out your place and see if we can help you.

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