Farm to Table Bistro Bakery Highlighting Local MD's Farm - InGrano Bistro Bakery

Some of us from Caprika recently met up at InGrano, to hang out in person and to work on a project.

Only one out of our group of five had ever been there previously, but by the end of our visit, every single one of us had added this to our list of favorite coffee spots in Annapolis.              

It was easy to quickly see why this place is so popular!  The interior is modern yet cozy, with a live edge bar near the register, 

greenery wall with neon sign, and many other small touches that add to the ambiance. They also have outdoor seating, which would be great to enjoy in good weather.

The drinks are excellent, especially the coffee/espresso based ones.  Our party gave the Walnut Brown Sugar,  Honey Lavender, and espresso a try.  The lattes even came with gorgeous foam art on the top…can you say Instagram perfect?!  

InGrano also has some pretty delicious breakfast and lunch options. We had some food sensitivities in our group, and were  impressed with how educated the staff were on their menu.  The dishes we chose to order included the avocado toast, the breakfast burrito, and salmon toast.  We only wish the photos we took could have captured how yummy it all tasted!

They even have a great selection of breads and pastries. The choices change daily, so it sounds like it is worth stopping by frequently to see what they have.

While this restaurant is mostly for breakfast and lunch, InGrano also has what they call the “Supper Club”,  where they highlight some dishes and drinks that are inspired by regions around the world.

It looks like it would make for a great date night idea,

and their online sneak peek of the menu will leave you  ready to make a reservation for it.

Have you been to InGrano? 

If not, you definitely need to add this to your list of must-visit places in Annapolis! 

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