Life in Admiral Heights

In this episode of Around The Block we chat with Jon and Kimberly, residents of Admiral Heights about life at Admiral Heights. This is a great area of Annapolis that has something for everyone! The community boasts two docks, kayak storage, a swimming pool and much more!

If you're looking for that close community feel, this is definitely the place to be! Each month, the community sends out a newsletter with upcoming events. During the summer you can find neighbors hanging out at the pool in the evenings watching a movie outdoors, while the kids swim in the pool. There is also a local park where the community will host potluck gatherings. It's a great place to get to know your neighbors.


My name's Jon VerMerris.

I'm Kim VerMerris.

We live in Admiral Heights. Last year we met with Brendan and we were looking for a new home to buy. We didn't know where exactly we were gonna be, we didn't know if we were gonna be in Annapolis, Arnold, Severna Park, Crofton, and we stumbled upon Admiral Heights and we love it. Location's amazing, we've got a community pool that we go to almost every day in the summer. It's a closed community so there's no traffic in and out, just the people who live here are coming into the neighborhood. We've got two docks for water access. We go paddle boarding a lot, take the paddle boards out. One of the docks, there is seven or eight boat slips so if you've got a boat you might be able to get a spot and store your boat there. Each dock has storage for the kayaks so it's really cheap. You can store a kayak down there and go out whenever you feel like it. They're nice docks, they're always clean, well-kept. Once in awhile you can even go crabbing down there, sometimes they get string out and the chicken legs and catch some crabs down there and it's a great feeling. Got community events, there's a, at Christmas they bring in the fire trucks with Santa Claus. The Fourth of July parade with the fire trucks. They all come in here.

Community block parties.

Jon] There's a park in the community that we all meet at and people bring their potluck dinners and sometimes they'll all cater it with a grill.

Hot dogs and burgers.

[John] It's nothing fancy but it's a great time, the community gets together. A lot of people show up, pretty well attended.

We have a newsletter that shares different events. Ours just came today. So, we get to find out what's going on in the neighborhood.

It's a very tight community feeling. The pool actually in the summer is where a lot of the fun is. We have movie nights at the pool where they'll keep it open late for the kids and the kids, they put out like 200 floats or 200 of those noodles and the kids'll just play out there for hours and they'll show a movie late into the night. Adults just hang out, have some adult beverages and it's just always a good time.

 You can join the swim team, Admiral Heights Swim Team. Our daughter's on it and she loves it. So, it's another way to just be involved. And there is a baby pool and an adult pool with  lifeguards on duty at all times.

 We're really close to downtown, so we can walk, we can walk to Navy games. I love to run in the community, it's a lot of hills and flat roads, it's great.

Halloween's great. People, everyone goes out trick or treating. We've met several friends in the community. And then we actually meet up with the Homewood community, too. And we'll go to Germantown and they'll have combined events with two different communities.

And there's a mom club, we do sometimes get moms together, girls night out. Mostly mom's night out.

Easy access to downtown, easy to 50. Easy to restaurants, shopping, groceries, everything. Got it all here right in Annapolis. We love it!

Everybody delivers here for food, we get everything. And Uber Eats has made it into Annapolis so we can get that. We just found Whole Foods delivers through Instacart. And we did hear Wegmans is coming to Annapolis. So, most of the food from downtown, we get sushi delivered, some Mexican, Cuban, Thai, close to Grauls. Pretty sweet neighborhood.

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