Should You Order A Pre-Appraisal Upfront?

Are you thinking about selling your home? Wondering if you should order a pre-appraisal upfront? Let's talk about why that would be a waste of money, and in what SPECIAL INSTANCES you SHOULD order a pre-appraisal upfront.

Do you know what those special instances are? Leave your answer in the comments below! (Watch the video if you're not sure... I tell you the answer)

 A common question that I get for sellers is, "should I order an appraisal upfront?" As a general rule, no. Don't waste your money. Appraisals are gonna cost ya know, four to $500 bucks as a general rule and what does it give ya? Well, a whole lot of nothing, really.

I mean, if you're talking about a normal conforming property, ya know, you have a house in a subdivision and there's other places just like it, why spend the money? A real estate agent is gonna look at the same stuff that the appraiser does. You can see the same information right there in the public. So, why spend the money? And the buyers can't even use that report, so even if you got, let's say you think your place will do $400,000 and you got an appraisal for $450,000,  that doesn't mean A, that you can sell it for that amount and that buyers won't be able to use that appraisal anyways. They're gonna have to go get their own appraisal with their own lender.

So there are exceptions. If you have a large farm or a waterfront or something really unique, in those cases, sure, sometimes you can make sense if you're having trouble pricing your property. In those cases, that is where the experienced appraiser can come into play.

I hope that makes good sense. Just be careful in wasting your money, guys, and just know what the stuff means. Alright, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Have a great day!

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