The Importance of Staging

Are you thinking selling your home? If you are, you probably want to get top dollar for your home. After all, it was a big investment when you purchased it!

One of the reasons I got into this industry is because when I was a little girl going to look at houses with my parents we would love to go into model homes. I would love to go in and see the beautiful furnishings and the fresh paint and everything just looked gorgeous and it made me want to do this as a profession and that's why builders will also produce model homes and have them decorated. It gets that people to come in and fall in love with a house and want to buy it. Versus if you go into an unstaged home that is completely empty, they're gonna focus on the things that are the imperfections like, the flooring may not be very good or the paint is not fresh or there's cracks in the wall.  

When you walk into a staged home, they may overlook a lot of these things 'cause they're focusing on how nice the house looks. So that's the main importance of staging. It helps buyers come in and see the potential in a house instead of focusing on all the imperfections. That's one reason why I'm in this business. I wanna help people sell their homes.

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