Types of Showing Notifications

Are you wondering what options you have for being notified when a potential buyer what's to view your home? Let's talk about it today in this FAQ! 

Alright, so I wanna just break down the different types of showing notifications and how they work. So here's the idea. When we list your home, we use a third party company, that's gonna notify you, when someone wants to show your house. So there's a couple of things we can do.

We can do one, if it's vacant that's easy. It's just gonna be go and show. The agent just instantly has access, whether they want to get in one second later or three days later. They just put the request in and they automatically get approval. That's called a go and show. That's easy if you're not there.

Our second type is call a courtesy notice, which is what most people who are living there still do. A courtesy notice basically works like this. Someone goes in online or calls the company. They say, I wanna show your house between X time and X time, maybe like one to two on Tuesday. And you'll get either a text, email or call, depending on what you want. And they'll say, hey Bob, Amanda Foster wants to show your house from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., alright, no problem, that's easy. If it's a text you just reply, yes, and they're good to go. If it's a voicemail or email the answer's assume that they get permission to go unless you respond back saying, no that's no good.

So the third type is appointment required. Now we try to avoid appointments required as much as possible, because it just makes it a lot harder for people to come and show your house. Now, again, if you're in the luxury end market, there's a lot more of appointment required that goes on in that sector. But if we're in the middle range or even the more affordable, or first time home buyer market, usually people are seeing multiple properties and if you make it difficult for them, they're just not gonna get into your house. But if we have to, we have to. But that obviously, they're gonna notify you the time they wanna go, and then you'd have to approve it. So that's how that one works.

So those are our three types. Again, go and show, courtesy and appointment required. So I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm Brendan Spear at Capika Realty. Thanks for watching.

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