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We are in an on demand housing market

Market info for home buyers

I want to buy a home but i am afraid of paying too much and a being in a housing bubble
?? Buying a home but not sure about the market? ?? No question we have been in a seller’s market. The question really has been, are we in a bubble? Like, if I buy now, is that a mistake because prices are about to come down? I mean, what about foreclosures, forbearances, unemployment and all that other scary stuff? Great questions, and if I was looking to buy this year, I would ask the same things. So I break it all down in this video. Have a watch and let me know if you agree. ? Ready to start the home
We are in an on demand housing market
Real estate has changed over the years. In many ways, the process today is different from when I got into this business in 2005. We are definitely in an On-Demand Market, but let's chat about what that really means.


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