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What do i need to bring to settelment day when buying a home?

Closing Day

What do i need to bring to settelment day when buying a home
Are you wondering what you need to bring to the closing table when you purchase your home? Let's talk!

So settlement day, happy day for buyers. A few things you want to note for settlement. One is to bring two forms of identification, one being a valid government issued photo ID, valid meaning not expired, right? For the second form of identification, just something with your name on it, that can be photocopy, okay? You might want to bring a personal checkbook. There might have been some slight change resulting in a little bit more that you need to bring to settlement for whatever reason. In that way, with a personal check, you can square it away right at the table. For whatever reason, if we have money in excess and owe you funds, easy enough, we'll cut a check back to you.

Also, for the funds that you need to close, that you've already known about, for some smaller amount, usually cashier's checks are accepted up to a certain amount. You can give me a call or contact, Brendan, of course, to find out that exact amount. But something that's a large chunk of change, in five figures and so forth, we usually ask for a wire, okay? The wire to be sent directly to the title company at least a day prior to settlement to make sure that there's plenty of time to process those funds so that we know they're in our account in time to close on your new home.


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