Does the appraisal matter when selling my home? 

For most sellers, the buyer of their home will get a loan. In order to get a loan, the home buyer will need an appraisal (at least in most cases) and if the appraisal comes in low, they will not be able to get a loan for the full amount. The appraisal is the eyes and ears of the bank. People like to say that the appraisal is there to protect the buyer, but really it’s designed to protect the bank since the house is the collateral for the loan. So, yes, the answer is yes the appraisal matters for most home sellers.

Note: The buyer will get their own appraisal with their bank. For FHA and VA loans the Apprasial can not be done until the property is under contract. I mention this, because doing an appraisal before listing can be useful to get an idea on pricing but not because the future buyer can use it, because they really won’t be able to use the appraisal in 99% of loans. 

Home Selling FAQ

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