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Analyze Your Competition
There are a ton of things to consider when you're thinking about listing your home... ?? My challenge to you is to really analyze ?? your home and see how it stacks against your competition... Consider: ?? What's sold? ?? What's active? ?? Would you buy your house if you were a buyer on the looking for this style home? Check out the video to see what I've noticed is being taken out of ALL FLIPS I see on the market ???? Can you guess what it is? Does your home still have this?
Best pricing strategies to sell my home for the most amount of money possible
How To Price Your Home + Get More Money! - Curious about how you should price your home as you get ready to sell? I'll be breaking down the three pricing strategies that continue to work time and time again for my clients in this market. If you're interested in figuring out for what price you should list your home - should you go high, low, somewhere in the middle - then WATCH THIS!
Top Home Seller Questions Answered | Home Sale Prep Success Intro
Top Home Seller Questions Answered - Living in Maryland and getting ready to sell? Caprika is here to make your home selling as easy as possible by answering these frequently asked questions. Our Pre-Listing Consultation series is here to help your home selling preparation and process. We've put together this series of quick videos for you to watch before we meet for our initial consultation and to save you time on your home selling journey.
I Need The Money From My Current Home | Caprika Realty
?? Looking to sell and buy another home, but need the money out of your current home??? We refer to this as a timing issue. Luckily, there are options out there for everyone and their unique situation. In this video, you will discover 5 common solutions to this timing problem.
How we market your home!
Good marketing can mean the difference between you feeling ?? or ?? when the offers start rolling in. Dont cut your profit short by not having a solid marketing plan.
What light bulbs you have in your home can hurt you when you are selling!
How long has that lightbulb been out in your bathroom? Longer than you're comfortable admitting? Lightbulbs might seem simple, but can impact how a buyers feels walking into your home
How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home
How long will it take to sell your home? There are a lot of things that affect how long it will take for your home to sell: ???? What's your positioning? ???? What is happening in the local real estate market? ???? How HOT ?? is your home? That being said, there are general "rule of thumb" timelines you can expect...
How Uniform Is Your Home?
This ONE thing instantly tells buyers your home is OLD ?? What am I talking about? I'm talking about homogeny... How uniform is your home? ?? Don't let this simple fix be the difference in your home getting sold and sitting, stale on the market...
Do I need granite countertops to sell my home?
Do you need granite countertops in your kitchen? Truth be told, granite is what people want... So decent chance yes you need some kind of stone. BUT there are times the juice is just not worth the squeeze.
Don't Go Thru This Alone
STOP! Are you prepping your home for sale? Have you talked to a great agent? If not, watch this... ???? A great agent can literally save you THOUSANDS of $??$ Don't go this alone.
Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Your Home
?? Don't overlook this when you're thinking about selling your home. ?? CURB APPEAL, if ignored, can mean ??in terms of buyer interest in your property. After you watch the video grab my FREE PDF full of easy things you can do to up your curb appeal and get interested buyer lining up to see your home.

Hey, are you in the middle of prepping your home for sale and you haven't had a realtor come over yet and help you give some direction? Pause for a second and these next steps can literally save you thousands of dollars. For most people, even if they have a great vision, even if they know what they want their house to look like because they've been there for a while or they've been watching all the Flip It shows and HGTV and Bravo and all those things. And that's cool, but the reality is a good listing agent, they're giving advice and selling homes every week. That's what they do. So, my recommendation to you is go get a great agent. Number one, get something that you believe in, that you trust, that you like their marketing approach, you like talking to them, it's a good fit, and come up with a game plan.

And really analyze the market and see what are the things that you truly need to do. Because in your head you might say, "Oh, I really want to do all these things," but the thing is, will that get you money back? Will it make you sell faster? And if not, maybe you don't want to do it. Or maybe you shouldn't bother, right? I mean, hey, if you want to spend the extra five grand? Be my guest, but part of our goal as a listing agent is to go through and build that strategy with you to see what really makes sense. I can tell you on the phone or even in my checklist, I can tell you, "Hey, sure, here's the top 10, here's the top 20 things that every homeowner should consider doing," but what we have to do is figure out does it make sense for you in your home, in your market.

So, my advice is before you spend a whole bunch of money, we want to come in, give you a game plan, see how we can help you get to your goals and make it happen. So, my recommendation is go get a great agent, come up with a game plan, then do the home prep. If you'd like to explore that with us, hey, let me know. I'm happy to chat, but even if it's not us, go get someone that you like. All right. Thanks for reading. I wish you the best in your home selling journey.


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