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Home Sale Marketing Tips

Use Profesional Pictures To Sell Your Home
If the pictures for your listing are dark, out of focus or just poor quality you could be missing out on $1000's... I mean really do I have to say anything here? Have you seen some of the MLS pictures out there?
How we market your home!
Good marketing can mean the difference between you feeling ?? or ?? when the offers start rolling in. Dont cut your profit short by not having a solid marketing plan.

All right. Let's talk about positioning your house marketing wise to make sure it's coming soon and that we're ready to rock as soon as we want to go active.

I will say first that if you're in a tight timeline, we need to have your house out right away, maybe because of a home selling contingency or something, we can put you active right away. That's not a problem. However, in a lot of circumstances, a great plan is to get some of the marketing set up before you go active. Let's say you did all your home prep. You're ready for us to come over. We come over, we take pictures. Everything's ready to go. But instead of just making you active, let's go ahead and set up some of the marketing.

So let's go ahead and maybe set you as coming soon in the multiple listing service. Let's design and order our brochures. Let's come over and shoot our lifestyle video, order our yard sign, get our custom sign writer ordered. Let's tell the story that we want to tell in the remarks in the listing so that way we can attract the right audience. Let's set up our single property website, get everything up and running as much as we can. And then we go live in the MLS.

During that time, we're also going to set up things like our Facebook ad, our YouTube ad, our Instagram ad, any and all the stuff we can, get our Facebook album, our photo album set up. All this stuff it all works together. I like to have a lot of that set up so that way day one when we start allowing showings that we're telling the story that we want to tell. We have your house positioned the way we want it positioned not, oh, hey, let people come in and then, oh, scrambling to get the yard sign there, scrambling to do this and scrambling to do that. Instead, if we can look our best foot forward, it just makes it a stronger chance to sell for top dollar and just knock it out of the park on day one. I hope that makes good sense. I'll see you in the next video.

Questions? Ready to sell your home?

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