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How does my house compare to my neighbors!

Ways to price your home for sale

Best pricing strategies to sell my home for the most amount of money possible
How To Price Your Home + Get More Money! - Curious about how you should price your home as you get ready to sell? I'll be breaking down the three pricing strategies that continue to work time and time again for my clients in this market. If you're interested in figuring out for what price you should list your home - should you go high, low, somewhere in the middle - then WATCH THIS!
Comparing houses on the market | Home Sale Prep Success
COMPARING houses on the market | How does your house compare to other houses on the market? Is it as simple as looking at your neighbors on Zillow? Watch this video to learn how we compare your home to others on the market. Our Pre-Listing Consultation series is here to help your home selling preparation and process. We've put together this series of quick videos for you to watch before we meet for our initial consultation and to save you time on your home selling journey.

Top questions to ask yourself when figurign out how to price your home for sale:

  1. How to position your home?

  2. Price vs Condition! 

  3. Who is Your Target Audience? 

  4. How is the market moving for this buyer?

  5. How quickly do you have to sell?

  6. How is the supply? How many homes are active and at what price?

  7. How many days on the market are similar homes taking?

  8. What is the price range of similar homes sold for recently?

  9. Any other major factors such as the time of the year or a government shutdown happening in your timeline?

Questions? Ready to sell your home?

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