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What to expect at the home inspection when selling my home.

So what to expect depends greatly on the condition of your property, the agents involved in the transaction (how level headed they are) and the terms of your contract. In other-words, everything is case by case. So let’s jump into some generalities. If you have an AS-IS deal, then typically the buyers are just looking for things that would freak them out or cost a-lot of money. In these situations, although you may have AS-IS terms, its not uncommon for the buyers to ask for that issue to be addressed. For an example, if the roof is at the end of its life and leaking, many times, Buyers, will ask for a new roof or a credit. 

Now, if you have a regular inspection, it’s common that the Buyers will ask for plumbing, electrical, safety, and non functional system issues to be addressed. Another way to think of this is to set a couple thousand dollars up to about 1% of the sales price aside in order to deal with the inspection process. Again there are so many variables here that could affect it. For an example, you could have a roof issue needing a new roof, septic issues and have high Radon. To address all three items, it could get pretty pricey. 

Still have questions, give your agent a call and they can walk you through what you should expect for your situation.


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